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My Kitchen Knives

Posted by Jason Hornbuckle on

Shun Classic Chefs 8inch

 My first Japanese chefs knife. I purchased this knife knowing nothing about Japanese kitchen knives. It opened up a whole new world of Japanese hand crafted knives. 

Kanemasa E Honcho 240mm Gyuto

  Purchased this one as a beater knife to practise freehand sharpening, I prefer it to the Shun!

JCK Gekko 165mm Nakiri

I wanted something for cutting vegetables, I liked the "Tsuchime", hammered damascus finish of the Gekko and the price was right. I love using the Nakiri.

Tanaka Blue Steel Damascus Petty 135mm

My first wa handled knife, very sharp - has drawn blood on a few occasions! Very reactive high carbon blue steel and attractive Tanaka damascus pattern.

Yoshihiro Hongasumi Yanagi 300mm

My first single bevel traditional Japanese style blade(along with the Yoshihiro Deba). I really like using this knife. Its gets a work out on weekly Sashimi night and the occasional beef slicing duties.

Yoshihiro Hongasumi Deba 180mm

Purchased along with the Yanagi as a package deal, I haven't bothered to break down much whole fish previously,  but since buying this I now have an excuse to. Its also a joy to use.

Shigefusa Kitaeji Yanagiba 270mm

Hand crafted by the master Mr. Tokifusa Iizuka. My most expensive knife to date - but a bargain when you consider the skilled man hours put into creating a knife of this quality. Read more about this knife here.

$10 Chinese Cleaver

For bone crunching duties - picked it up form the asian grocers for less than the postage costs of the other knives!